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Major Minute: Engineering at PLU Transcription

[video: Professor Hay is sitting in her office with bookshelves and teaching materials in the background. In the bottom left corner, gold text reads: “Katrina Hay, Associate Professor of Physics”]

(upbeat music)

Professor Hay: Hi, I’m Professor Katrina Hay, I teach in the PLU’s physics department, and this is my “Major Minute.”

[video: A visual countdown from three flashes on the screen in yellow and black colors. A countdown clock appears on the left side of the screen counting down from 60 seconds after Man claps his hands in the foreground]

(graphic blips)

Professor Hay: Engineers apply math and science to solve real-world problems. The National Academy of Engineering set 14 21st century challenges for engineers, focusing on sustainability, health, and security. Engineers make a real impact, they’re in high demand globally, and they earn great pay. Dual degree engineering students at PLU take three years of math and science courses before transferring to an engineering school where they will finish, after two more years, with two degrees, one from PLU and one in engineering. PLU trains our students in reasoning, writing, global perspectives, and communications, making our students well-rounded and appealing to employers. With small class sizes, PLU offers smooth transition and time to choose a specialization like civil, mechanical, computer, medical, environmental, or electrical engineering. Some of our recent grads have gone on to UW, Washington University in St. Louis, and Columbia in New York. And they’ve landed jobs at Boeing, Raytheon, GE, and Army Core of Engineers.

(buzzer beeps)

[Man]: Good to go.

Professor Hay: Nice.

(upbeat music)


The PLU Dual-Degree Engineering Program provides the opportunity to combine a liberal arts education with rigorous study in engineering and earn two degrees in five years. Since you’ll spend three years at PLU and two years at an engineering school, the program is often referred to as 3-2 Engineering. Many liberal arts colleges have dual- degree engineering programs, but PLU’s program is exceptionally active, regularly sending 5-6 students per year to engineering schools.

The program has formal agreements for priority admission with Columbia University in New York City and Washington University in St. Louis, two nationally recognized schools of engineering dual degree engineering, to ensure students can complete the engineering degree in two years. PLU’s program is particularly distinctive because of the upper-division engineering courses we offer, which transfer directly as engineering courses to Washington University and Columbia. PLU students are very successful in gaining admission to the engineering programs and do well there because they are both well- prepared and can get a head start by taking upper-level engineering classes at PLU.

Graduates from the last 5 years: Their jobs

  • Software Engineer
  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Engineering Consultant
  • Product Engineer
  • Architecture Manager
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Civil Engineer
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Postsecondary Teacher
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