Departmental Honors in Chemistry

Annual Deadline – April 1st (or the following Monday if April 1st falls on a weekend).

In recognition of outstanding work, the designation with Departmental Honors, as described in the Chemistry section of the PLU Catalog, may be granted to Bachelor of Science (B.S.) graduates by vote of the faculty of the Chemistry Department, based on the student’s performance in these areas:

1. Course work: The grade point average in chemistry courses up to the semester prior to graduation must be at least 3.50.

2. Written work: From the time a student declares a major in chemistry, the student should keep copies of selected outstanding work (e.g., laboratory, seminar, and research reports) for later summary evaluation.

3. Oral communication: Students must evidence ability to communicate effectively as indicated by the sum of their participation in class discussion, seminars, help session leadership, and teaching assistantship work.

4. Independent chemistry-related activities: Positive considerations include the extent and quality of extracurricular work done in background reading, independent study, and research; assisting in laboratory preparation, teaching, or advising; any other chemistry-related employment, on campus or elsewhere; and participation in campus and professional chemistry-related organizations.

The departmental honors designation will appear on a graduating chemistry major’s transcript.

Download the Application for Honors in Chemistry