Here is a collection of suggestions you might consider if you need a letter of recommendation for graduate school, professional school, off-campus internships / summer research positions, or other applications.

You should…

  1. Contact the faculty you are in asking to write letters of recommendation early in the process and provide the deadlines for each program. It is best to ask the letter writers at least one to two months if at all possible before the deadline.
  2. Complete the FERPA (Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act) – Permission to Release Education Records form to give your letter writer permission to access their educational records in the process of writing the letter.  Access the FERPA – Permission to Release Education Records electronic form here.
  3. If possible provide the letter writers with examples of materials you provide to the schools. E.g., statement of goals, background letters, and similar.
  4. Provide any printed forms that might be needed to be submitted already prepared with appropriate signatures. Many schools now do this only online but some still need written versions.