Welcome to the PLU American Chemical Society Student Affiliate Chapter (a.k.a. 'Chem Club')

To get involved contact a club officer or a chemistry faculty advisor.

The officers for the 2016-2017 academic year are:

President: Ciara Flannery
Vice President: Jenn Wong
Secretary: Olivia Egejuru
Treasurer: Katie Cameron
Historian: Grant Schroeder

Upcoming Events:

Oct. 11 – Planning for Mole Day Eve

Oct. 12 – Green Chemistry Scavenger Hunt

Oct. 18 – Mole Day Eve!

Oct. 26 – Movie Night

Nov. 11 – Pauling Medal Awardee Talk for Students

Nov. 12 – Pauling Symposium!

Nov. 17 – Outreach with PLU Center for Community Engagement & Service

Dec. 7 – Chemistree

Faculty Advisors:

Dr. Andrea Munro

Dr. Jon Freeman

Chem Club Receives an Honorable Mention Award!

The PLU Chemistry Club received a Honorable Mention from the American Chemical Society (ACS) for its activities during the 2015-2016 academic year. Representatives of the club received the award at the 2017 Spring ACS National Meeting in San Francisco.

Mole Day Eve

The PLU Chem Club hosts an annual Mole Day Eve event that coincides with National Chemistry Week and Mole Day (Oct. 23).  The Chem Club serves chemistry themed deserts, like liquid nitrogen ice cream and a periodic table of brownies.  Club members lead our guests in hands-on chemistry activities and PLU Chem faculty will perform exciting (and explosive) demos.

This year, we will celebrate Mole Day Eve on Tuesday, October 18, 2016.

Contact one of the club officers if you are interested in helping out.  It’s always a great deal of fun, and also an important way to share enthusiasm about chemistry with the PLU community.

Students with googles on watching a demo in the dark
Making Alien Guts (glowing sodium alginate)

PLU Chem Club starting to plan for the ACS National Meeting Spring 2017

Members of the PLU Chem Club and students who participated in undergraduate research with PLU Chemistry faculty members will be attending the American Chemical Society Spring Meeting (April 2-6) in San Francisco.

Desserts and Demos

The PLU Chem Club hosts an annual Desserts and Demos chemistry event every spring.  Prospective Lutes enjoy liquid nitrogen ice cream and desserts, hands-on chemistry activities, and to watch flashy chemical demonstrations performed by PLU Chem faculty.

Contact one of the officers below if you are interested in helping out.

Periodic table cake

Puget Sound ACS Local Section Activities

Check the Puget Sound Section website for links to the “Puget Sound Chemist” monthly newsletter as well as information about upcoming speakers, tours, career sessions, and other events.

Internship & Job Databases

Career Connections is an excellent resource for PLU students to access information about internships and volunteering opportunities. Career connections also has databases for finding jobs and academic internships. If you have questions about research experiences and academic internships it is recommended that you speak with the staff at Career Connections or faculty in your department.

Chemistry students can also search for research experiences, internships, and co-ops using the Get Experience page of the American Chemical Society.

Graduate School & Career Information

Ask any chemistry faculty member for information if you have interest in going to graduate school, a career in chemistry, or local employment.

The ACS Directory of Graduate Research is a great resource for students interested in attending graduate school.