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Chemistry Students Win Poster Awards

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November 20, 2015

Chance Brock (middle top row) and Colin Peterson (bottom left row). Nice ties BTW.

Recent PLU students from the Natural Sciences Division presented posters and talks at the Murdock College Research Program Conference in Vancouver, Washington. Two of the chemists won poster awards! Chance Brock (faculty mentor: Dr. Saxowsky) and Colin Peterson (faculty mentor: Dr. Waldow) both won poster awards based on recommendations from a panel of judges. The criteria included knowledge, creativity, and analysis of their research as well as presentation aspects including good communication, poise in interacting with the audience, and clarity. Congratulations to Chance and Colin as well as to the whole of the PLU contingent presenting at this meeting.

Chance Brock’s poster title was “Exploring mutational strand bias in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae to implicate retromutagenesis as a pathway for adaptive mutagenesis.”

Colin Peterson’s poster title was “Ionic Conductivity of Novel poly(ethylene oxide)-like Brush Homopolymers as Solid Electrolyte Supports for Lithium Ion Batteries.”