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Lute Chemists and the PLU Day of Vocation Apr 5th-6th

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April 5, 2016

The PLU Day of Vocation is almost here!
PLU Chemists are a big part of it this year!

(i) Keynote: Michelle Long, ’85 PLU Regent and chemistry alumna, Tues 4/5, 7 – 8 p.m., Scandinavian Cultural Center

Join PLU Regent and alumna Michelle Long as she kicks off this year’s Day of Vocation with a talk that addresses the challenges of finding purpose in life. Michelle claims that experiences leading to vocational discernment sometimes cause a feeling of being stretched in challenging and possibly uncomfortable ways. In contrast, experiences that tend NOT to be helpful in vocational discernment often lead to a feeling of being injured or in pain. Michelle will share stories from her experience that give insight into knowing when you’re “uncomfortable” and when you’re “in pain.” We will have time for questions and conversation at a reception following Michelle’s talk.

(ii) Prof. Brian Naasz! Wed 4/6, 3:30 – 4:30 p.m., AUC Regency Room

“Learning Together: Student-faculty Research and Vocational Discernment”
Student-faculty research is one of PLU’s signature offerings for students. But what, exactly do students discover from this chance to join their professors in this sometimes hidden aspect of faculty life? And, equally importantly, what do faculty learn as they invite their students into their particular specialty? Join two research teams – Jp Avila (Art and Design) and Chad Hall ’10; and Kevin O’Brien, Brian Naasz and Becca Krzmarzick ’10 as they talk about their work together and what each of the learned from the other regarding their callings in life.

(iii) Prof. Andrea Munro! Wed 4/6, 7 – 8 p.m., AUC Regency Room

“Which Questions Matter: Scientists and Philosophers in Dialogue”

Back by popular demand, this year’s edition of scientists and philosophers in dialogue features Sergia Hay and Mike Schleeter from the department of philosophy, Andrea Munro from the Chemistry department and Bret Underwood from Physics. The conversation, moderated by philosopher Keith Cooper will ask which questions are the important ones – in discerning vocation, in understanding the intersection between personal passion (your deep gladness) and the needs of the world around us (the world’s great hunger), and in life. The conversation is sure to be lively!