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Master’s Industrial Internship Program – UO

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February 5, 2019
The Master’s Industrial Internship Program priority application deadline is February 15th.
What it is:
This unique program combines intensive lab and course work with professional skills development to prepare you for a 9-month paid internship in industry.  Historically, close to 98% of our students successfully complete internships and close to 90% of those receive regular offers at the end of their internships.
Why It’s Special:
In just over a year, you can gain:
9-months work experience
(this year’s annualized internship salary is about $56,000)
A master’s degree in chemistry or applied physics.  Focus areas in:
Polymer science, Optics, PV/Semiconductors and NEW for 2019 – Molecular Sensors.
A professional network
that will provide the foundation for a career.
A resume with something on it.
Close to 90% of student interns receive regular jobs at the end of their internships.
More data about what industry is all about.
Even if you think you want a Phd, this program allows you to gain insight on what the market is looking for – allowing you to be more strategic in choosing research that will allow you to build a marketable skill set and develop the professional skills that will make you more competitive.  Regardless of which trail you eventually blaze, this program allows you to do it with more data about the opportunities out there.