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Master’s Internship Program in Electrochemical Technology F2021

University of Oregon Center for Electrochemistry

Posted by:
November 17, 2020

An exciting new MS program has started at the University of Oregon in Electrochemical Technology:

Electrochemistry underlies critical clean-energy devices including batteries, fuel cells, super capacitors, and electrolyzers that generate green hydrogen fuel. It is used to prevent corrosion, deposit nanoscale interconnects in computer chips, and to interface electronics with neural circuits. Electrochemical technology is an area of rapidly growing importance and commercial activity, but almost no graduates have the requisite skills. To address this need, we started the first and only MS program in the US dedicated to electrochemistry.

The core program consists of 6-months of accelerated, immersive coursework (including foundational theory, team-based applied laboratory projects, Python programming/data-analytics, and professional development in interview skills, leadership, and project management). The degree is completed by a 9-month paid internship in industry or a national laboratory, typically leading to permanent employment. They have clean-tech companies interested in taking interns across the country. They can waive the application fee with a short pre-application. 

Don’t hesitate to email Shannon directly at if you are interested in discussing the program. She can even set up individual or group Zoom meetings.