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UO Masters’ Internship program in Electrochemistry

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November 18, 2021

The Oregon Center for Electrochemistry’s masters-level internship program attracts chemistry, physics, biology, and engineering students and provide nationally unique training including rigorous foundational electrochemical theory, team- and inquiry-based laboratory work, numerical simulation and engineering of electrochemical systems, and experience tackling industry-sponsored, team research projects. Concepts in data analysis and statistical design of experiments (e.g. MatLab, Python, JMP) are incorporated throughout the coursework. Electrochemical content is coupled with professional and communication skills development, as well as elective coursework focused on target career areas (materials science, bio-medicine, energy, etc.).  After 6 months of accelerated immersion coursework and a 9 month industry internship, graduates are ideal “T-shaped” employees that can tackle complex challenges facing engineered electrochemical systems using rigorous experiments, efficient data analytics, and computer models, while optimally working in team environments. Such graduates provide substantial value to industry as employees compared to the existing candidates who generally have little or incomplete training in electrochemical science and are often not adept at using modern experimental design, data analytics and computation tools.

Graduating seniors are encouraged to apply. The program is focused on launching students’ careers in the growing electrochemistry industry (batteries, fuel cells, electrolyzers, sensors, corrosion, plating, etc.)

Our class of 2021 received an average (annualized) salary of $75,0000 during their internships. ( We plan to accept 30 students in the fall of 2022 and would be glad to see a student or two from PLU join the class of 2023. Interested students should email with an unofficial transcript and resume to receive an application fee waiver. The early decision deadline is December 15th and the priority application deadline is February 15th.