Graduation with Honors in Chemistry Roselyn D. Cachero
Jacob M. Finney
North G. Foulon
Cassidy M. Hobbs
Xinhui Huang
Marisol X. Navarro
Gregory P. Peters
Elliott J. Peterson
Toriana N. Vigil
American Institute of Chemists (AIC)
(Outstanding Senior)
North Foulon
Ramstad Scholar Nguyen (Anna) Tran
Emily Ness
General Chemistry Award (CRC) Seth Koivisto
Aria Manning
Sophomore Organic Award (ACS POLYED) Jake Mahnke
Analytical Chemistry Award (ACS) Emily Ness
Inorganic Chemistry Award (ACS) Marisol Navarro
Senior Organic Award (ACS DOC) Elliott Peterson
Hypercube Scholar Award (Hypercube, Inc.)
Physical Chemistry Award (ACS PHYS) Elliott Peterson