Student/Faculty Activities

Faculty Activities

Erik Hammerstrom 韓光

Paul Manfredi 魏朴

  • china Avant-garde. Manfredi’s blog on China’s art scene.
  • Manfredi’s book Visible Poetics: Imaging Self and Text in Modernist Chinese Poetry is now under contract with Cambria Press.

Gregory Youtz 游子国

  • An active composer, Youtz maintains a blog about his artistic work.
  • Youtz produced a Sister Cities Student Leadership Conference in conjunction with the Tacoma Public Schools.
  • Youtz is a member of the Board of the Chinese Reconciliation Project Foundation that is building a commemorative Chinese park on Tacoma’s waterfront to educate about the expulsion of Chinese from the city in 1885- an event that has become infamously known as “the Tacoma Method.”
  • Youtz is a frequent public speaker on Chinese arts and culture, and presented a talk on Chinese poetry and music to the China Club of Seattle on January 18, 2013.

Student Activities

PLU Chinese Studies Activities

  • Chinese languages classes’ soccer match 足球比賽. May Day 2013. Watch highlights on YouTube.
  • Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋節, Fall 2012. Chinese studies faculty and associates wrote Chinese poetry by moonlight on the campus in chalk. Watch on YouTube.

Mycal Ford (’12)

An alumnus of the Chinese studies program, Mycal is a 2012-2013 Fulbright Grant recipient living in Taiwan. He is greatly interested in Sino-Korean relations, and he was written for the blog Sino-NK. His travels have been profiled by the PLU Newsroom.