Faculty and Staff ORCA Card

Who is eligible?

All employees currently in a benefits eligible position at the university.

What is the cost of an annual pass for faculty/staff?

For fiscal year 2021-2022, the annual pass for faculty/staff is a one-time charge of $12.63. The cost will not be prorated if the pass is purchased after the beginning of the fiscal year (June). The cost may change in future fiscal years.

Can I get a refund from my PLU ORCA card?

No refunds will be issued, including the annual fee or any additional ORCA products that have been added by a faculty/staff member.

What does it cost for a replacement PLU ORCA card?

The replacement fee for a lost card is $20. A defective card will be replaced at no cost.

Are the monthly passes still available?

No, the annual pass replaces the monthly bus pass and is a significant increase in benefits.

Can I purchase additional ORCA products for my PLU ORCA card?

Yes, you can put additional ORCA products on your PLU ORCA card such as e-purse (dollar value) or a Washington State Ferries monthly pass. However, any unused products will not be refunded.

Will PLU track my usage?

The ORCA system will record data each time a PLU ORCA Card is used. Data will include the date, time and location of the card when it is presented. The data is owned by the ORCA Agencies and is accessible to PLU.

Can I pay via payroll deduction?

The annual employee portion can be paid via payroll deduction. Replacement card fees cannot be paid via payroll deduction.

Will there be a fee charged to the employee each year?

Yes, the employee will pay a small portion of the cost each year. The employee cost will most likely change each year.

If I am not eligible for the benefit through PLU, can I still get an ORCA card on campus?

No, the university is not able to sell ORCA cards to the general public.

If I already have an ORCA card, do I still need to get an ORCA card from PLU?

Yes, the annual pass (June-May) comes preloaded on the ORCA cards offered by the university; therefore, to take advantage of the benefit it is necessary to get a PLU ORCA card.