Earth Science Capstones 2023

Thursday, May 11th

1:45-2:00pm, Grayson Nottage
Texas Water Mitigation

2:00-2:15pm, Caelan Colescott
Examining the Impact of Gentrification on Urbanization and Ecological Indicators in Watersheds

2:15-2:30pm, Juj Navidi
Assessing and Mapping Secondary Lahar Risk on Mt. Rainier

2:30-2:45pm, Francois Lalague
Comparing Metamorphic Facies Across the Straight Creek Fault

2:45-3:00pm, Autumn Johansen
Comparison of Phytholith and Carbonate (δ13C) data used as a proxies for Climate Change

3:00-3:15pm, Oscar Orme
Investigation of pre-LGM paleoclimate in the Palouse using soil geochemistry

3:15-3:30pm, Sarah Paquet
Rate of Weathering on the Surface Geology of the Hummocks Trail, Mt. St. Helens

3:30-3:45pm, Maria Cools
Formation of the Columbia River from a Braided River

All presentations will take place in the Rieke Science Center room 109.