Gen Ed transition info for students who arrived before Fall 2022

As a student who began at PLU prior to Fall 2022, you will not be required to complete the new requirements. You will continue with the previous GenEd requirements, as reflected on your CAPP report in Banner.

However, students who arrived prior to Fall 2022 have the option of waiving one of four requirements in the old core: 

  1. Christian Traditions (RC)*
  2. Global Religious Traditions (RG)
  3. Natural Science, Computer Science, or Mathematics (NS) 
  4. Social Sciences (SO)**

*Students who transferred to PLU with 60+ credits may not choose to waive RC. 

**Only 4 credits of the required 8 credits will be waived.

You should talk with your academic advisor about the advantages and disadvantages of your waiver selection. Additionally, you may consult the following decision-making tool.

If you have completed your gen ed requirements then you won’t have the option of waiving one of these requirements. Alternatively, if you only have one of these courses remaining you may only choose that one option.

Important: Choosing to adjust a requirement will not grant credit hours, it will only remove the requirement to take a RC, RG, SO, or NS course. All students must complete at least 128 credit hours to graduate, regardless of the GenEd requirements. If you have already completed these requirements, you do not need to take further action.

Use the following questions when making your decision:

Review your most current CAPP report to see if you have any GenEd requirements that are not met and could be waived (only NS, RC, RG, or SO)? Keep in mind, students who transferred to PLU with 60+ credits may not choose to waive RC and only 4 credits of the 8 credits required for SO can be waived.

Have one or more requirements that qualify for a waiver? Consider waiving a requirement you don’t already have a plan for completing or that would make room in your schedule for a different academic opportunity. If you choose to waive a requirement be sure to work with your advisor to adjust your academic plan so that you account for all graduation requirements.

Important: This change does not reduce the number of hours to complete; if you and your advisor have already mapped out the completion of General Education, do you want to  change that plan?

If you need guidance connect with your advisor or check out the Center for Student Success Get More Stuff Done days (Nov 6 & 7, 10a-1:30p, AUC Gray Area).