Cathrine Sandnes at PLU on Monday, Nov. 17, 2014.

Past Bjug A. Harstad Memorial Lectures

Sigbjørn Skåden
2016-2017 Bjug Harstad Memorial Lecture

“Puncturing The Exotic: A Recipe For How To Try To Be Funny Sometimes”

Sigbjørn Skåden, an award-winning Sámi poet and novelist from Norway

2015-2016 Bjug Harstad Memorial Lecture

“The Role of National Identities in a Rapidly Changing World”

Dr. Hege C. Finholt
Senior Lecturer, Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Arts and Ideas, University of Oslo

Dr. Hege C. Finholt
Cathrine Sandnes
2014-2015 Bjug Harstad Memorial Lecture

“Why Norwegian Women Can Have It All”

Cathrine Sandnes
Norwegian journalist and editor

2013-14 Bjug Harstad Memorial Lecture

“The Arctic Pastoral: Nordic Polar Literature at the Turn of the Century”

Professor Henning Howlid Wærp
Professor of Nordic Literature at the University of Tromsø

Professor Henning Howlid Wærp

Previous Bjug A. Harstad Lecture Scholars

2011-2012 Eldbjørg Hemsing
2010-2011 Marta Norheim
2009-2010 Sigrun Slapgard
2007-2008 Per Thomas Andersen
2006-2007 Ingeborg Kongslien
2005-2006 Dr. Ande Somby
2004-2005 Professor Helge Pharo

2003-2004 Lars Anders Kulbrandstad
2002-2003 Jon-Roar Bjorkvold
2001-2002 Jahn Otto Johansen
2000-2001 Thorvald Stoltenberg
1998-1999 Odd S. Lovell
1997-1998 Gunnar Sonsteby