What is Lute FASSN?

Lute Faculty and Staff Support Network (FASSN) is a confidential, short-term, informal peer-mentoring program through which PLU faculty and staff can offer care to one another. Faculty and staff who have gone through difficult or life-changing experiences can sign up to meet (up to) three times with peers who are going through similar experiences and have requested support. The matching process is designed to connect faculty and staff without needing to broadcast difficult personal issues to the entire PLU community.

Some example life challenges that participants might discuss include, but are not limited to:

  • aging parents
  • illness
  • retirement
  • immigration
  • first in the family
  • divorce
  • custody proceedings
  • fertility issues
  • pregnancy
  • pregnancy loss
  • other forms of grief/loss
  • medical diagnoses (for oneself or a loved one)

Conditions for Participation:

By participating in the Lute FASSN program, participants explicitly acknowledge that they will maintain all discussions as private (meaning not subject to disclosure unless legally required), that they will not discuss work-related concerns, and that any work-related concerns that are inadvertently discussed are subject to PLU’s regular policies on reporting prohibited behavior and are therefore not private.

Participants further acknowledge and agree that they are participating voluntarily, on non-working time, and are not compensated for participation.

As a condition of participation, having been advised that this is not professional counseling or therapy, participants agree to waive any and all claims arising out participation in the Lute FASSN program against PLU, its employees (including other participating employees), trustees, officers, directors, and agents.