Commemoration of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Lutheran Pastor and Nazi resister


The significance of his work as a political theologian is witnessed in the recent publication of the critical edition of his works by Fortress Press (U.S.A.), the work of the International Bonhoeffer Society, and the numerous Bonhoeffer courses taught in universities and schools of theology throughout the world.

Holy Communion at 12:30. At PLU, the anniversary of his death will be commemorated on Thursday, April 9, with the celebration of the Holy Communion at 12:30 in the Ness [Tower] Chapel (Karen Hille Phillips Center for the Performing Arts), Dr. Samuel Torvend, University Chair in Lutheran Studies, presiding and preaching.

Lecture at 1:45. Dr. Mark Brocker, Bonhoeffer scholar and Lecturer in Theological Ethics at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary (Berkeley), will speak at 1:45 on “Bonhoeffer’s Appeal for Ethical Humility.” Dr. Brocker writes: “Bonhoeffer’s involvement in a conspiracy to assassinate Adolf Hitler led to his execution by the Nazis. Today Bonhoeffer is celebrated as a Christian martyr and his conspiratorial activity tends to be looked upon with favor. It is striking, however, that Bonhoeffer sought to avoid justifying his actions; he felt compelled to act as he did, but only with a profound sense of ethical humility.” The lecture will be given in Nordquist Hall/Xavier 201.

These commemorative events are free and open to the university and friends of the university.