Timelines for Marcom Services

ServiceCompletion Time
Design7 - 14 days
Vended Services printing (envelopes, calendars, programs, folders, etc.)14 - 28 business days
Immedia mailing with assembly (non-profit or bulk rate)7 - 10 business days
Poster Distribution42 days (6 weeks)
Web / Email / Reader Board / Calendar Listing7 - 14 days
Social Media Outreach7 days
Copy Center printing2 days
Scoring and Folding (note cards)5 business days
Photography7 days
Mail Services mailing (First Class, less then 200 pieces, etc.)2 days
Immedia mailing without assembly (non-profit or bulk rate)3 - 5 business days
Media Outreach (with Press Release)14 - 28 days
Media Outreach (without Press Release)7 - 14 days
Appeals Outreach (Immedia)20 days
Please Note - During the holiday season Nov-Dec, mailing might take up to 7 days longer.