Reading Challenge

Members of the PLU community are invited to participate in a reading group challenge.

First, select one of the Migration symposium related texts or films from the list below. Then form a reading or viewing group made up of at least six PLU community members (faculty, staff, and/or students), plan to meet once to discuss your selection. All Groups will receive a small basket of goodies to have during their discussion.

The reading group convener should send an email to Rosemary Raynolds,, at the Wang Center for Global and Community Engaged Education, by no later than March 1, 2018.

To be considered for the challenge, this email should contain:

  • Three sentences on why the group wishes to participate
  • A list of the reading group participants, their PLU affiliation, and ID numbers (use “student” for student affiliation)
  • The date, time, and location of ONE reading/viewing group meeting
  • A commitment to attend your selected author’s keynote address or film related panel as well as at least two other sessions of the symposium

For more information, please contact Rosemary Raynolds at or at 253-535-7577. NOTE: Only current PLU faculty, staff, and students are eligible to participate.

Reading Challenge Article Selection

Reading Challenge documents are epass protected

Afghan Migratory Strategies and the Three Solutions to the Refugee Problem

By: Dr Alessandro Monsutti

The Long-Term Recovery of New Orleans’ Population After Hurricane Katrina

By: Elizabeth Fussell

Afghanistan: Identity, Society and Politics since 1980

Edited by: Micheline Centlivres-Demont

The Origins and Causes of Migration

By: Elizabeth Fussell

Viewing Challenge Video Selection

I am Jane Doe

By: Mary Mazzio

A World of Difference: El Paso, TX

(contact the Wang Center for password)

By MediaLab