Checklist for Success

Let the system work for you! Being a student at PLU is hard work. You will be pulled in many different directions, and it could become overwhelming. There are many on-campus resources available to you designed to help you succeed.

Ask for assistance! It is culturally acceptable in the military lifestyle to be alone on your own island. Campus culture completely contradicts the military cultural mindset. Your faculty, staff, and fellow students are here to help you. You have already paid for these resources just by coming to PLU. It is now time to start using them, and using them often!

Maximize your benefits! It might be beneficial for you to not certify during J-Term and/or to obtain a job during the summer that is relevant to your career path. Doing so not only stretches your GI Bill/Voc. Rehab. benefits, but it also gives you practical, resume experience employers are desperately seeking.

Self care is important! We understand that life happens differently for everybody, and that certain things make it necessary for a break. We want to work with you to create a plan that will ensure you get the most out of your college experience while not ignoring the obstacles life can throw. We have experienced negotiating life’s obstacles ourselves. Please come speak with us, so we can help you stay on the path of success.

Life continues after college! Start building your network now. Consider joining clubs and organizations on campus that are relevant to your intended career path. Create a living resume, and add to it regularly.

Additional Resources

Washington Department of Veterans Affairs (state)

As a Partner for Veteran Supportive Campuses with the WDVA, we have access to local and regional support resources in addition to those found at the federal level.

Veterans Affairs (Federal)

As a Yellow-Ribbon school, we are a signatory for the Eight Keys to Veteran Success and the president’s Principals of Excellence. Learn more about your benefits, health care, and other support networks on a national scale.