Current Student Resources

Neschell Chabot 

Financial Aid Assistant Director specializing in Veterans Affairs, military benefits, and ROTC

Admission for Military Dependents

Dependents of active duty military members using transferred post-9/11 G.I. Bill benefits may be eligible for FREE tuition at PLU.

Purpose, Mission, and Affiliations

  1. To assist veterans as they transition from military to campus life, and to serve as an outreach mechanism between student veterans, school administrators and faculty, and the campus community.
  2. To ensure that veterans, active duty personnel, reservists and their families are receiving all the benefits entitled to them, and to ensure a contact to readjustment counseling should they feel the need.
  3. To provide for fellowship and camaraderie of like-minded individuals in order to create a network of students and successful alumni as a means to provide professional and leadership development.
  4. To create and promote a positive environment on campus that fosters academic success and encourages student veterans to achieve their personal academic goals, and to assist in removing obstacles to that success.
  5. To connect student veterans to resources, programs, scholarship opportunities and services available through outside (off campus) Veteran Service Organization (VSOs), as well as to facilitate communication and promote the special needs of veterans to on-campus services.
  6. PLU Student Veterans Association is affiliated with the national organization, Student Veterans of America (SVA).  More information concerning this affiliation can be found in the PLU SVA bylaws.
  7. This club will abide by the stated objectives of Pacific Lutheran University as well as the rules and regulation established by the University and is responsible to University authorities.