Welcome to Pacific Lutheran University!

Interested in Attending PLU?

Great choice! Pacific Lutheran University welcomes all military affiliated students and has the resources to support your transition into higher education.

Taking the first step on your academic pathway can be daunting. Don’t know what to do?
Start here:
  1. Check out the PLU Admissions Home Page for information on the admissions process.
  2. Check out the list of available majors and minors to see the amazing programs PLU has to offer.
  3. Contact the Center for Military Student Support if you have any questions.
PLU is proud to be a Yellow Ribbon school and works with all military affiliated students to help meet financial aid requirements.

Not sure about the GI Bill or Voc Rehab? Don’t worry, we can answer your questions.


Active Duty:
Getting ready to transition? Let us help, we have made the same transitions and walked that same path. Whether you choose PLU or somewhere else, we are here to answer your questions.