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LeMays see good stewardship on campus

June 29, 2010

LeMays see good stewardship on campus and seek to support it

By Steve Hansen

Gene ’62 and Carla (Hansen) ’64 LeMay met on the PLU campus when a mutual friend suggested to Gene that there was “this gal” that might need some tutoring.

It is probably fair to say the tutoring sessions were very successful.

The LeMays would be quick to point out that they got more than a great marriage out of their time at PLU.

Gene ’62 and Carla (Hansen) ’64 LeMay

Gene ’62 and Carla (Hansen) ’64 LeMay.

They both speak highly of their time here – he as a chemistry major, she in the nursing program – particularly when it comes to the education they received.

“We really believe in education in a Christian context,” Carla said. “We want to pay it forward. Our gifts are an investment in the future young people at PLU. It is a chance for them to experience the good things.”

One of the ways the LeMays have benefited the students at PLU is their gift that helped install on campus a sophisticated piece of equipment, a nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer. As a retired professor of chemistry at the University of Nevada at Reno, Gene knows the value of top tier equipment.

“It allows students to do more research in the frontiers of science,” Gene said. “It teaches students how to use state-of-the- art equipment. And for students that breeds confidence – they know they can do good things.”

The LeMays talk about how they benefited from the high quality equipment and the facilities they had access to when they were students. They want students now to have that same opportunity.

“PLU is a good steward of what they have,” Gene said. “It makes it a lot easier to give a gift, because we know they will take care of it and put it to very good use.”