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New ’employer relations’ position connects students with employers

July 13, 2011

New ’employer relations’ position connects students with employers

By Steve Hansen

A new position has been created on campus to help bring together students with future employers in the region.

Bobbi Hughes, who has been advocating for students at the Women’s Center, has been named to the post as Director of Employer Relations. She’ll still be advocating for PLU students – she’ll just be doing so in this new capacity.
Bobbi Hughes
Bobbi Hughes (Photo by John Froschauer)

But what is a director of employer relations? And how will it affect students?According to Hughes, the newly created position will be something of a facilitator among many of the essential career planning services already available to students, such as the offices of Career Development and Academic Internships, or the opportunities made available through academic departments or the Alumni office.

To be clear: Those offices and opportunities are not going away. “My role is more of a collaborator – to bring a lot of the pieces together,” Hughes said.

Hughes expects to become a central point of contact for employers who would consider PLU students for jobs or internships, but they don’t know where to begin.

Hughes also plans to reach out to potential employers in the region, with the idea of introducing them to PLU, and the potential of its student body. Similarly, she also hopes to work with the Alumni office to further develop an advising and mentoring network with alumni and parents.

“I see this position as being able to offer more targeted relations [with the business community],” Hughes said. “It is relationship building – something that will really benefit PLU.”

Located in Ramstad Commons, Hughes will work closely with Pat Roundy, dean for student academic success, and director of Academic Advising. You can reach her at 253-535-8268, or