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September 1, 2012


Pacific Lutheran University will be conducting a campus-wide lock-down drill during the week of September 17-21. This is a critically important drill. Your participation and cooperation are essential.

The drill will be initiated by Campus Safety and notification of a lock down will be issued via PLU Alert!, phone trees, TV emergency alert system, emergency blue phone speakers, and word-of-mouth.

Please review the lock down procedures and building plans on the emergency training and exercises website. The exercise  will be evaluated with the help of law enforcement and college administrators. Emergency procedures will be refined after the exercise, based on their observations.

The drill is over at the end of the class period.

Emergency Building Coordinators (EBC) in every building have created lock down plans, have keys, and are trained to facilitate a lock down during business hours. Resident Directors  serve the same  role for Residence Halls and can respond 24/7. Buildings whose entrances are on the card access network will be locked remotely. EBCs should still activate the lock down pull station, if  their building has one (Hauge, Olson, Rieke).

To ensure that you receive emergency messages from PLU Alert!, log into Banner to see that your contact information is current by visiting Click on “Enter Secure Area”, log into Banner, click on “Personal Information”, view or edit your contact information. Insert all seven digits of your phone number in the “phone number” box.


The survival skills we practice during a lock down drill on campus are useful in malls, sporting events, restaurants, and other public venues. To learn more survival strategies for an active shooter incident, please view Run. Hide. Fight. produced by the City of Houston. This is a short 6 minute video describing good tactics and the proper mindset to have should you find yourself caught in the middle of an active shooter incident.


Always communicate, “This is a drill.” when carrying out the drill. If a real incident happens during the exercise, be sure to communicate to others and Campus Safety, “This is a real emergency.” There will be no live-action dramatizations during this drill.

Thank you for your careful attention to emergency preparedness. Please contact the Emergency Programs Office at 538-6042 or with questions.