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Gurjot Kang ‘21 grows her skills and makes an impact as a Tacoma Housing Authority intern

Gurjot Kang ‘21 grows her skills and makes an impact as a Tacoma Housing Authority intern

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Headshot of Gurjot Kang with white background behind her.
March 11, 2021
By Rosemary Bennett '21
PLU Marketing and Communications

Despite the challenges and uncertainty of life during the pandemic, PLU student Gurjot Kang '21 is focused on her future after graduation. Kang is interning with the Tacoma Housing Authority to help build her skills and improve the community through this difficult time.

Kanga communication and political science double major from Auburn, Washingtonwas connected with THA through Degrees of Change’s Seed Internships program which helps pair local university students with internships throughout the Greater Tacoma area. “I was inspired to go local because I’ve loved PLU for four years and I wanted to use the skills I’ve been building to benefit and leave an impact on the community that surrounds me,” Kang said. 

Kang works as a policy innovation and evaluation (PIE) and communications intern. “It’s great work!” she said. “I maintain and manage the Tacoma Housing Authority’s social media, and I help with website updates. I’ve even been able to do some in-person work taking photos of local small business owners.”

Kang aims to help make THA’s online presence feel accessible and approachable. “I’m really enjoying sharing the things I’ve learned at PLU with my coworkers, and online,” she said. “I think it’s important that we remember who our content is for and avoid using complex government or policy jargon that can be frustrating for the general public.”

“As a political science major, I’m also really enjoying watching the Tacoma Housing Authority make and adjust policy, seeing the work they do to connect with the community, and how they make sure to put the community first,” Kang said. “When working with the PIE department I got to organize and analyze community surveys which has given me a great perspective for the communications side of things.”

Kang began her internship in June and imagined herself doing hands-on work all over Tacoma. However, due to the pandemic, she knew her internship would be almost entirely remote. “It’s not what I had planned for, I was really looking forward to meeting more people out in the community as I did my work,” Kang said. “But my managers have adjusted really well, and I’m proud to say it has been extended from just a summer position to the end of the semester.”

“I have to work a lot harder to network and build connections, because we can’t all be together in the same office. Sometimes it can be a difficult adjustment, that’s really the main way I think interns are being impacted.”

“I’m very thankful for this opportunity with the Tacoma Housing Authority, and all of my managers who have helped me, especially during the pandemic,” Kang concluded. “This has been a great way to apply my knowledge and grow my skills in both communication and political science at the same time.”