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THE PEOPLE’S GATHERING: Truth Tellin’ About Critical Race Theory

THE PEOPLE’S GATHERING: Truth Tellin’ About Critical Race Theory

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October 29, 2021
By Silong Chhun
Marketing & Communications

Pacific Lutheran University's Campus Ministry and Center for Graduate and Continuing Education will co-host the virtual fall convening of The People's Gathering: A Revolution of Consciousness (TPG) conference on November 10, 2021, focusing on Critical Race Theory.

The People’s Gathering: A Revolution of Consciousness conference is a professional and personal development learning experience that provides a supportive space where participants can engage in frank and open dialogue about race and racial disparities systemically present in work, school, and everyday life. A host of local and national social justice scholars and leaders from Indigenous, Asian, Black, Latino, Multiracial, Pacific Islander and, white communities will lead small group discussions.

This installment of The People’s Gathering will investigate the intersections of race and law in the United States, bringing to light the truth about how racism has been institutionalized in American laws and policies.

On one side of the debate, people believe that Critical Race Theory can help us examine racist laws and policies through a scientific lens and commit to historical truth-telling about the intergenerational impact of those laws and policies on people of color.

Detractors believe that the goal of Critical Race Theory is to paint all white people as racists and instill shame in white children for benefiting from the actions of their forefathers.

“There are those who have seized on Critical Race Theory (CRT) as a scapegoat and fear their children will be indoctrinated to think of themselves as oppressors or as victims,” said PLU Professor of Communications and featured speaker, Dr. Amy Young. But CRT is not about individual people; it is about a systematization of racial meaning, inference, and power. So it’s important for people to understand what CRT is and maybe also what it is NOT, and to understand that to participate in a discussion about America, you absolutely have to be able to talk about race.”

The purpose of this conference is to provide a supportive space for discussions that examine the truths and misconceptions in order to provide a complete understanding of the content and context for teaching CRT.

“WSECU is delighted to sponsor this People’s Gathering convening because we feel there must be supportive spaces created for public, private, non-profit and corporate employees to have access to training that helps sharpen their skills to communicate effectively across differences” said Will Rance, WSECU’s Vice President of Community Relations.

The People’s Gathering is made possible by the support from WSECU, Korsmo Construction, The Bamford Foundation and Peace Works United. 

For more information about the November 10 convening of The People’s Gathering: A Revolution of Consciousness, visit the event webpage. Registration closes on November 5, 2021.