Red Square

Constructed in 1967, Centennial Square — or Red Square — is a central thoroughfare on campus that nearly all students pass through daily. It is at the heart of campus between classrooms, residence halls, and the Anderson University Center. The square is commonly used for dynamic community gatherings, including flag raisings, celebrations, and expressions of solidarity. 

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Check on the changing seasons at PLU

Lutes and friends have been visiting the Red Square webcam since the early 2000s to get a peek at campus and catch a glimpse of PNW weather. Parkland’s weather is like a laid-back playlist with mild winters, cozy rainy seasons, refreshing springs, and four months of truly beautiful summer.

Fun fact: A PLUviophile [ploo-vee-uh-fahyl ] is “a person who enjoys rain and rainy days, and who is fascinated by the sights, sounds, etc., of rain.”