W-2 Information

Click here for instructions on how to sign up for electronic W-2.

Click here to print your official W-2.

Click here to request a duplicate W-2.

How can I tell if I signed up for the 2016 electronic W-2 in time?
The cutoff was January 23rd by 9:46am.

I am no longer employed at PLU. How do I get my W-2?
If while employed, you had previously set up access in Banner Web For Employees and gave your consent for an electronic version, you should still have access to print your own official W-2 form.  If you had not previously set up access while employed, a paper W-2 form was mailed to your permanent address.

When were paper W-2 forms mailed?
The paper W-2 forms were mailed on January 31st, 2017.

I moved and did not change my address with Human Resources. What will happen to my paper W-2 form?
If you left a forwarding address with your post office, the form will be returned to the Payroll Office. We will resend the form to you and see the address is updated.

I have not received my paper W-2 form. How do I get a copy?
If you are currently employed and have an active PLU email account, you can still sign up for an electronic version.
If you are not currently employed, you can request a duplicate by completing the form “Request for a Duplicate W-2.” We will accept requests beginning January 29th.