2021 Philosophy Capstones

Dr. Michael Schleeter, Seminar in Philosophy

Tuesday, May 25th

1:30-1:35pm: Introduction
1:35-1:50pm: Dana Morrell, “Reassessing Three Assumptions of the Dominant Worldview”
1:50-2:05pm: Nikolas Gable, “The Senate Term Limits: There Should Be More Turnover in the Senate”
2:05-2:20pm: Joshua Porterfield, “Acceptance and the Plight of the Black Body”
2:20-2:35pm: Keegan Dolan, “Liberal Democracy and Capitalism: The Role of the State in Alleviating Wealth Inequality”
2:35-2:45pm: Break
2:45-3:00pm: Blaise Osborne, “Is It Worth It?: Reassessing the Value of a College Education”
3:00-3:15pm: Sean Marley, “Classical Greece and the Natural Course of Democracy”
3:15-3:30pm: Sharlene Rojas-Apodaca, “Abolition Constitutionalism: Its Foundations and Its Contemporary Future”