What should I major in?

ANYTHING!  A common misperception is that law school are looking for applicants that majored in particular disciplines or that certain majors, such as Political Science, better prepare you for law school; however, this is WRONG!  Law schools have no preference for applicants from certain majors, and all majors can prepare you to be successful in law school.

Ultimately, you are best served by taking a challenging, broad based curriculum and performing well.

Being at PLU will help ensure you receive the diverse education, so the best thing a potential law school student can do is major in what they are interested in and passionate about.  Students do best when they are studying what they enjoy and care about, so to maximize your law school chances, find what you like and major in it.  You’ll enjoy college more and will be more competitive for law schools. Win-Win!

Is it better if I have a second major or a minor?

The same principle for choosing a major should guide your decision on whether and what to minor in:  if you enjoy it and are passionate then you cannot go wrong.  A minor will not necessarily make you a more competitive applicant if you minor for the sake if having a minor, so you should only minor if you enjoy the process of getting the minor.

The same holds true for multiple majors:  more than one major does not make you more competitive for law schools.  Having one major that you are passionate about and do well in will make you more competitive than having a second major in which you do poorly.  Two majors is a fantastic opinion if you are interested in both fields of study; otherwise, focus on what interests you.