Indigenous Scholars, We are Lutes Too

Indigenous Scholars, We are Lutes Too

A poster exhibition designed and installed by Native American & Indigenous Studies students Fall 2019

Opens February 6, 2020. Closes February 29, 2020.

This exhibition was created by the Native American and Indigenous Studies (NAIS) Interconnections class, Fall 2019, as their semester project. These posters represent some of PLU’s Native students, faculty and alum, with a quote from each individual, taken from a conversation we had with them about what being Indigenous means to them, or what they see as an Indigenous scholar.

The Indigenous Scholars state: “We created this project in order to make our Native population at PLU more visible for the rest of the PLU community, reminding them that we are here too and that we have something to share. We also made them for our fellow Native students, and for ourselves, in order to remind us to recognize our Indigenous knowledge; we are scholars too. Our Native population might be a minority, but that does not mean we do not exist. Through sharing these posters we hope Native students and faculty will feel more at home, and understand that they are not alone at this university. These posters will be hanging all across campus in order to share our project with as many Lutes as possible. We thank our participants for their courage in sharing their story with us and the rest of our community.”

The Scandinavian Cultural Center will host the poster exhibition from Sámi National Day, February 6 until February 29, 2020. The SCC also has some of our Sámi artifacts from its collections on display as well. We invite you to see the scholarship of PLU’s Indigenous Scholars. The posters will also be displayed all over campus!

NAIS preparing posters
NAIS Students preparing posters