Textile Technologies

Stuen Room with textile exhibit
Textiles on display in the Stuen room.

Curated by Linda Caspersen and Melody Stepp.

The Grand Opening and Public Reception for this exhibit was on Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018, 6:30 to 8:30 pm with a presentation at 7:15 pm. Sneak preview the exhibit starting September 30th.

Beginning with the sneak preview exhibit that opened Sept 30th, the SCC displayed the vast universe of Textiles. The exhibit included sources from fish skins to flax, demonstrated techniques of twining, weaving, nålbinding and more. Along with that it displayed the dyeing process, what’s used and how, as well as the myths and folklore surrounding it.  The exhibit also showed how some of our modern products are produced, where the techniques come from, and how they affect our daily lives.

The SCC displayed costumes from our collection, including examples from the Sámi, Icelandic, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish and Swedish pieces. Although textiles are important as cover and protection, they also portray the individuality of communities through costume design, techniques used, and use of available raw goods, which are so important to producing fibers, colors and medicines.