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Trevor Talks Music Transcription

(piano music)

[video: Open on Trevor standing outside on PLU’s campus, pillars and a building behind him.]

Trevor: Hi all, my name is Trevor Kytola, I use he/him/his pronouns and I’m a sophomore music education major here at PLU.

[video: Trevor’s voice continues over clips of the inside of the Mary Baker Russell building. A shot of an engraved sign for the building, the engraving in gold and the title of the building in a circle around an engraved flower. A shot of the stairs in the building, with a glass wall on one side and glass blown artwork in green, blue, white, and red. A shot of the outside of the building in fast-motion, cloud racing by.]

Travor: Today we’re going to show you the Mary Baker Russell Music Center as well as talk about all things music department.

[video: Return to Trevor outside. He stands at the top of an outdoor amphitheater.]

Trevor: Our first stop here on my right, your left, is going to be our amphitheater.

[video: Trevor’s voice continues over photos from the Jazz Under the Stars event. People in folding chairs sitting around the rows of the amphitheater, a band of drums, piano, bass, and singer at the base of the venue. A photo of the lead singer performing, a Jazz Under The Stars poster behind her. A photo of the PLU Men’s Acapella group performing at the amphitheater.]

Trevor: Here our events like Jazz Under the Stars happen, as well as student performances from our acapella groups on campus.

[video: Return to Trevor, who now walks backwards towards the door of the Mary Baker Russell building.]

Trevor: As a whole, PLU has 17 ensembles.

[video: Trevor’s voice continues over photos. A photo of PLU’s brass section, students blowing trumpets and tubas. A shot of choral singers performing in black suits and dresses, text reads: Over 150 Concerts Each Year!]

Trevor: And offers over 150 concerts each year.

[video: return to Trevor walking backwards.]

Trevor: There are many ways to get involved with music at PLU and we’ll talk about a few of them today.

[video: Trevor walks into a practice room in the building.]

Trevor: Here on the second level of MBR is where all our practice rooms are.

[video: Trevor’s voice continues over clips of students practicing. A shot of a sign reading “Practice Room.” A student and professor play pianos next to each other in a room with books all over the shelves.]

Trevor: At PLU students practice through all hours of the day, and usually for their private lessons.

[video: Return to Trevor standing in a practice room in front of a piano.]

Trevor: At PLU any student can take private lessons in any medium

[video: Text appears at the bottom of the screen: “Private Lessons Open To Anyone!”]

Trevor: And you don’t even have to be a music major or in an ensemble to participate. As well as having our practice rooms, a lot of professor and faculty offices are here. I really love PLU because our professors are required to have office hours

[video: Trevor’s voice continues over clips. A conductor conducts an orchestra while a choir performs above him. A close up of a student singing in the choir. A clip of the strings section.]

Trevor: and they’re really accessible to students. In addition to this, a lot of our professors are still performing themselves and have a lot of great insight to the performance realm.

[video: Trevor stands in a large performance space. His voice then continues over clips taken of the space. A sweeping top-to-bottom shot of the space: pendant lights hang from the ceiling, black noise reducing panels line the highest part of the white brick walls, there are several black chairs and a piano. A shot of an ensemble, guitar, bass, cella and drummer as a professor conducts them.]

Trevor: Here we are in MBR 322, one of our largest rehearsal spaces on campus. Ensembles that rehearse in here are our University Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Combos, Concert Band,

[video: Return to Trevor standing inside the room.]

Trevor: and Wind Ensemble, and I’ve actually used this space to rehearse

[video: Trevor’s voice continues over a shot from an opera, a leading man in historical dress sings to a woman in peasant dress. Trevor and another student sing, a poster of Hamilton behind them. A photo of Trevor performing onstage.]

Trevor: operas in before. One of my favorite parts about being a music education major at PLU is that they don’t ask you to stop performing and they in fact ask you to keep honing in on your craft.

[video: Return to Trevor in the large practice space.]

Trevor: In addition to that, a lot of our student clubs will meet here in 322, including American Choral Directors Association, Collegiate Washington Music Educators Association, Opera Club, and many more music clubs in between.

[video: Trevor walks into a different practice space, this one has chairs on risers for a choir to perform, a piano in front of them.
Trevor: Next up we have MBR 306 which is our choral rehearsal space on campus. At PLU we have four main choral ensembles:
[video: Trevor’s voice continues over photos of choir ensembles. A photo of students in black singing, the text at the bottom reads: “Choir of the West.” A photo of students in formal black suits and dresses singing, the text at the bottom reads: “University Chorale.” A group of female students in long black dresses singing, text reads “University Singers.” A photo of male students and one female student posing for a group photo on the stairs of the Mary Baker Russell building, text reads: “Knights Chorus.”]

Trevor: our two mixed groups, Choir of the West and University Chorale; our Soprano Alto group, University Singers; & our Tenor Bass group, Knights Chorus.

[video: Return to Trevor in the practice room.]

Trevor: In addition to this, we do have chapel choir that meets two times a week, hand bell choir which meets once a week, and two acapella ensembles,

[video: Trevor’s voice continues over photos of acapella groups. The women’s group performs on stage, dressed in gold and black outfits. The men’s group performs, dressed uniformly in all black.]

Trevor: Hermonic and Plutonic, respectively.

[video: Return to Trevor speaking in the practice room.]

Trevor: For all choral ensembles at PLU, you do not have to be a music major to participate.

[video: Trevor sits down on the bench of the piano in the space.]

Trevor: In addition to being a rehearsal space, 306 also doubles as a classroom. All music majors of all types, including musical arts, performance, education, et cetera take the music core.

[video: Text appears at the bottom of the screen reading: “Music Core.”]

Trevor: At PLU the music core is classes like ear training, keyboarding, theory, music history, and then students can choose specialization classes such as conducting, pedagogy, or even music in culture.

[video: The camera pans from the top of organ pipes set in ornately carved wood, to Trevor standing below on a large stage, a piano behind him.]

Trevor: And finally, here we are in Lagerquist Concert Hall,

[video: Trevor’s voice continues over a photo of Lagerquist Hall, an orchestra and choir perform at Christmas, the hall is decorated elaborately with wreaths and Christmas lights.
the center of all music in MBR.]

Trevor: Among other things, today we talked about the fact

[video: Return to Trevor standing onstage.]

Trevor: That you don’t have to be a music major to be involved in ensembles or lessons.
We have so many amazing rehearsal spaces available to us at PLU, and we talked a little bit about the music core and what it means to be a music major. If you have any more questions, please leave them in a comment below, and be sure to like and subscribe on this video.

[video: Trevor waves to the camera.]

Trevor: My name is Trevor and I hope to see you at PLU soon.
(piano music)


The PLU School of Music, Theatre & Dance is a nationally recognized center for musical performance, education, and community. Your professors— exceptional performers, composers, authors, and educators—are dedicated to nurturing talent, fostering an inclusive learning environment, exemplifying artistry and musical leadership, and providing musical opportunities for you and your fellow music students.

You’ll practice and perform in the Mary Baker Russell Music Center, which houses the exquisite Lagerquist Concert Hall, spectacular Gottfried and Mary Fuchs Organ, and impressive rehearsal and classroom facilities. From early in the morning to late at night, students practice, study, collaborate, and share their passion for musical growth.

Bachelor of Music in Performance Concentrations:

  • Instrumental
  • Organ
  • Piano
  • Voice

Graduates from the last 5 years: Their jobs

  • K-12 education worldwide
  • Seattle Opera
  • Vashon Opera
  • Metropolitan Youth Symphony
  • Celebrity Cruises
  • Private music studios of graduate's strengths
  • Worship Music Directors
  • Freelance Opera Singers, Composers, and Arrangers

Graduates from the last last 5 years: Their graduate programs

  • Curtis Institute of Music
  • Manhattan School of Music
  • Northwestern University
  • San Francisco Conservatory of Music
  • The Juilliard School
  • University of North Texas
  • Yale University
  • Boston University
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