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Video Transcription

Education Major Minute Transcription

[video: Dr. Sutton sits in front of a white wall, dressed in a button-down shirt and speaking to the camera.]

Paul Sutton, PhD, Professor of Education: Hi. I’m professor Paul Sutton. I teach in the Education Department. And this is my Major Minute.

[video: Over the video of Dr. Sutton, the header “Major Minute” slides in in white lettering. Following this, the screen turns charcoal grey with yellow accents and large numbers reading “3”, “2”, “1” count down the start of the minute.]

(video beeping)

[video: a pair of hands appear over Dr. Sutton and clap to begin the minute.]

(timer ticking)

[video: return to Dr. Sutton. To the left of him appears a translucent grey and yellow stopwatch, which counts down a minute.]

Dr. Sutton: Education is basically the study of how to teach people to be teachers who help students become their best selves. The small class sizes model that we have here at PLU is really nice, because it gives students the opportunity to really get to know their professors. And it gives the professors a really good opportunity to get to know students. And as professors, that also gives us the opportunity to adjust and make adaptations to our lesson plans, and the different units that we have in our different courses. The vast majority of our teacher candidates, and our graduates go on to work in the K-12 system. We are intentional about our preparation, in that regard. We prepare you to not just be a teacher leader in the classroom and in your school, but to also be a systems leader as well. To make sure that, you know, your impact based on your preparation has reached really far across the system.
(timer buzzing)

[video: The clock disappears, Dr. Sutton laughs.]

Dr. Sutton: Totally lost my train of thought.


PLU has one of the most respected education programs in the region, with an emphasis on relational teaching and socially just, equity-focused instruction. You will be in K-12 schools starting your first semester in the program, completing education 240-300 hours before full- time student teaching. These experiences allow you to combine learning from coursework and practicums to become a well-equipped new teacher. You’ll develop deep connections with your professors and fellow education students, who will become career-long trusted colleagues. PLU’s direct admission to education means your application to PLU is also your application to education. As long as you meet academic and Washington state requirements, you will be guaranteed a spot in your teacher certification program.

Elementary (K-8) Certification with endorsements in:

  • Special Education (P-12)
  • Reading (P-12)
  • English Language Learners (P-12)
  • Music Certification (Music Education major)
  • Health & Fitness K-12 Certification (Kinesiology major)
  • Interested in teaching high school? We recommend you major in your area of interest, then earn your teaching certification as part of the PLU Master’s program. This 4+1 option is available at PLU for most subjects.

Graduates from the last 5 years: Their jobs

  • Second Grade Teacher, Federal Way Public Schools
  • Middle School Teacher, Cascade School District
  • Intensive Learning Needs Teacher, International School of Beijing
  • First Grade Teacher, Bethel School District
  • Middle School Math Teacher, Franklin Pierce School District
  • Kindergarten Teacher, Tacoma Public Schools
  • Preschool Special Education Teacher, North Thurston Public Schools
  • Programs Coordinator, Columbia Athletic Club
  • High School Special Education Teacher, Yelm Community Schools
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