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Major Minute: Psychology at PLU Transcription

[video: Professor Shneidman is sitting in the center of a psychology lecture hall with a podium. In the bottom left corner, gold text reads: “Laura Shneidman, Associate Professor of Psychology”]

Professor Shneidman: Hi. I am Associate Professor Laura Schneidman. I teach in [the] PLU psychology department, and this is my Major Minute.

[video: A visual countdown from three flashes on the screen in yellow and black colors. A countdown clock appears on the left side of the screen counting down from 60 seconds after Man claps his hands in the foreground]

(beeping) (upbeat music)

Professor Shneidman: Psychology is a science. It’s all about understanding the human mind
and exploring how and why we think, feel, and connect with others. It helps us tackle really big questions, like how do we support learning post pandemic, or how do we promote mental health in college students? At PLU, the psychology department is really special, because undergrads get research opportunities that are usually reserved for grad students elsewhere. For example, this semester, my students are gathering data on how kids learn in a children’s museum. Many other incredible experiences include studying abroad, internships, being a teaching assistant, joining the psych club, and community-engaged learning. The psychology department also has many partnerships with organizations in the area, so our grads have scored internships and jobs in fields like EMT, nursing, social work, psychology, HR, teaching, sales, government, and policymaking. A degree in psychology can empower you to help others more effectively, and it serves as a foundation for graduate level studies in law, medicine, and other kinds of social sciences.



Psychology is a scientific discipline that seeks to understand human and nonhuman behavior, and a profession that seeks to change behavior for the betterment of humankind. As a PLU psychology major, you’ll experience a meaningful and rigorous education that balances science with application. Whether you pursue a Bachelor of Arts or the more research-centered Bachelor of Science, you’ll have opportunities to explore advanced topics in scientific and professional psychology, conduct psychological research, and gain exposure to the practice of psychology in community settings. You’ll build important relationships with your professors, who will discuss career plans and provide assistance in a variety of ways throughout your college career and beyond. PLU psychology graduates have gone on to further training in psychology, as well as to medical school, law school, seminary, graduate programs in counseling, social work, occupational therapy, physical therapy, business, education and more.

Graduates from the last 5 years: Their jobs

  • DBT Treatment and Consultation Specialist, WA Department of Children, Youth, and Families
  • National Disaster Recovery Specialist, FEMA
  • Senior Analyst, Point B
  • Communications Specialist, Washington Trafficking Prevention
  • Marketing Communications Manager, Symphony Tacoma
  • Paraeducator, Clover Park School District
  • Psychiatric Child Care Counselor, Washington State Department of Social Health Services
  • Educational Therapist, Bellevue Christian School
  • Research Associate, Casimir

Graduates from the last last 5 years: Their graduate programs

  • Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy, Pacific Lutheran University
  • Master of Arts in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Seattle Pacific University
  • MEd in Research Methodology and Quantitative Methods, Vanderbilt Peabody College
  • Master of Science in Data Science, University of Denver
  • Master of Science in Life-Span Developmental Psychology, West Virginia University
  • PhD in Clinical Psychology, Seattle Pacific University
  • Masters in Cybersecurity, Computer Science, Grand Canyon University
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