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Pre-Health Sciences Transcription

(upbeat jazzy music)

[video: Prof. Ann Auman’s voice comes in over clips. A researcher dressed in scrubs uses medical equipment to view something. A doctor speaks with a patient who sits on the exam table. A student observes another student, who rides a stationary bike.]

Prof. Ann Auman, Dean of Natural Sciences: The Pre-Health Sciences Advising Program at PLU is good for students who are interested in exploring the possibility of going to medical school, dental school, pharmacy school, physician’s assistant school, maybe veterinary school as well.

[video: Prof. Auman sits in a blue-walled classroom, speaking to the camera.]

Prof. Auman: Any type of program after PLU that is focused in healthcare.
(upbeat jazzy music)

[video: Fade to black. White text appears over black background: “Over the past decade, PLU graduates have had an 80 percent medical school acceptance rate (compared to a national average of 40-45 percent) and an 80 percent dental school acceptance rate (compared to a national average of 50 percent.)”]


[video: Prof. Neal Yakelis’s voice comes in over a clip of a student speaking to a professor.]

Prof. Neal Yakelis, PLU Chemistry Professor: The faculty members who are members of the Pre-Health Sciences Advising Team combined

[video: Prof. Yakelis stands in a lab.]

Prof. Yakelis: have decades of experience helping students navigate both their time at PLU as well as after graduation into their careers in the health sciences.

[video: Prof. Auman’s voice comes in over clips. A student in a lab coat flips through a notebook filled with notes on graph paper. A professor speaks to nursing students in scrubs in front of a wall of medical supplies. Students in goggles and lab coats observe an experiment. A student in the lab measures a liquid into a graduated cylinder.]

Prof. Auman: Our faculty members work really hard to provide a high-quality experience for our students while also providing them the support that they need to be successful here.

[video: Prof. Yakelis’s voice comes in over clips. A sweeping shot of PLU’s campus on a sunny day. A professor writes on a whiteboard in blue dry erase marker. Students seated at tables facing each other discuss class material.]

Prof. Yakelis: Here at PLU, you get to prepare for the health sciences in a liberal arts context. That helps you make connections between classes that seem directly connected with the health sciences

[video: Return to Prof. Yakelis in the lab.]

Prof. Yakelis: and the natural sciences, but with all other disciplines. And this, in the end, will make you a better healthcare practitioner in the community.

[video: Prof. Auman’s voice comes in over clips. A student signs up for a club, writing down their information on a registration form. PLU’s improv group, the Clay Crows, cheer at their booth at the Involvement Fair. Students talk and eat snacks at PLU’s Involvement Fair. A student takes a blood test from another student. A shot from above of PLU’s campus, cherry blossom trees blooming. A shot of a weight rack in PLU’s Names Fitness Center. In the gym, a student does reverse lunges holding a kettlebell in one hand, another student coaches him. PLU’s orchestra playing. Two students stand on a sand dune, holding up a PLU pennant.]

Prof. Auman: Our students can participate widely in a lot of different kinds of experiences on our campus. They may be science students, but they don’t need to be science students as long as they have satisfied the prerequisites for whatever program that they’re interested in pursuing. We have many of our pre-health students who are athletes or musicians. Many of them participate in study away opportunities,

[video: Return to Prof. Auman in the classroom.]

Prof. Auman: so we are more focused on providing students a holistic education to make them more well rounded.

[video: Prof. Yakelis’s voice comes in over clips. Students and a professor sit in a circle in a classroom, having a discussion. Another shot of a similarly arranged classroom, a professor speaks to the class. A professor speaks to a table of students, who hold handouts.
Prof. Yakelis: Our classes have smaller sizes and are all taught by faculty members, both lecture and labs. So this allows students to develop closer, meaningful mentoring relationships with faculty members.
[video: Return to Prof. Yakelis in the lab.]

Prof. Yakelis: Here at PLU, your opportunity to work with the Pre-Health Sciences Advising Team doesn’t expire upon graduation. We work with alumni all the time in order to help them pursue their professional and post-graduate programs.

[video: Return to Prof. Auman in the classroom.]

Prof. Auman: We still provide these services to our alumni so that students don’t need to feel like they have to apply immediately upon graduation. Sometimes it takes some time for our alumni to discern their paths and this gives them the opportunity to do that.

[video: Prof. Auman’s voice continues over clips. A physician observes the knee of a patient. A researcher looks at a sample underneath a microscope. A dentist examines the teeth of his patient.]

Prof. Auman: Upon graduation, our students go out and are successful in a wide variety of different kinds of careers and

[video: Return to Prof. Auman in the classroom.]

Prof. Auman: I have never heard a PLU alumni member say that they were under-prepared for anything that came along to do.
(upbeat jazzy music)


The pre-health sciences program at PLU is not a major, but rather a course of study that prepares you for admission into a professional school or training program in health professions including medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine and other related fields. The strong liberal arts education you will obtain at PLU will prepare you well for these programs by providing a strong background in the sciences as well as allowing you to understand connections between science and society more broadly. While many pre-health students do choose to major in biology and chemistry, there have been students who have majored in psychology, sociology, Hispanic studies, religion, and others.

As a pre-health sciences student, you’ll have the opportunity to work closely with our Pre-Health Sciences Advising Team, made up of professors from the Colleges of Natural Sciences and Health Professions who have years of experience helping students meet their goals of becoming health care professionals. This, combined with our reputation of academic excellence and rich opportunities for research and service, will help you be well-prepared to successfully pursue your goals in a health- related career.

Health Professional Programs:

  • Medical School, University of Washington
  • Medical School, Washington State University
  • Medical School, Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences
  • Medical School, Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine
  • Medical School, Boston University
  • Medical School, Saint Louis University
  • Dental School, University of Washington
  • Dental School, Midwestern University
  • Dental School, Indiana University
  • Pharmacy School, Washington State University
  • Pharmacy School, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
  • Physician Assistant School, University of Washington
  • Physician Assistant School, University of Bridgeport
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