Phased Retirement Faculty

First NameLast NameTermsTitle/Education
DanaAndersonPhased to 2018Psychology
MichaelBartanenPhased to 2018Communication and Theatre
CharlesBergmanPhased to 2017English
Elizabeth E.BruscoPhased to 2017Anthropology
JohnHallamPhased to 2017Art & Design
Sharon JansenPhased to 2019English
Paula H. LeitzPhased to 2017Instructional Development and Leadership
MaureenMcGillPhased to 2020Communication and Theatre
ChristineMoonPhased to 2019Psychology
DonnaPoppePhased to 2019Music
David SealPhased to 2016English
RochelleSneePhased to 2017Languages and Literatures
RichardSpillmanPhased to 2016Computer Science and Computer Engineering
BarbaraTemple-ThurstonPhased to 2017English

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