Tuition, Fees and Payment Information 2015-16


or Term
Semester Hours Full Time Status Cost
Summer 2015 1 or more $655 per semester hour, unless otherwise noted ($360 online)
Fall or Spring 1 to 11 No $ 1,175 per semester hour
Fall or Spring 12 to 17 Yes $ 18,800 per semester
Fall or Spring
More than 17 Yes $ 18,800 per semester, plus $1,175 per semester hour for each semester hour over 17
J-Term 1 to 5 If registered as a full time student for Fall or Spring, one to five semester hours are at no additional charge. Semester hours over five are charged at $1,175 per extra semester hour.
Credit by Examination Fee and Tuition
Credit by Examination Fee and Tuition: Students are charged tuition (at the per semester hour tuition rate) for any credit by exam registration in addition to the fees listed below. Contact the Student Services Office for information on registration and charges.
1 $300
2 $500
3 $700
4 $900

*Disclaimer: Students enrolled in PLU cohort programs are charged the cohort price per credit hour for the cohort program courses and the standard undergraduate or graduate price per credit hour for courses that are not included in the cohort program. Please contact the Student Services Center for cohort program pricing information.

Note: Study Away students pay a Program Fee specific to the individual program sites. Contact the Wang Center for Global Education for complete details.

Graduate Tuition Rates 2015-16

Tuition and fees vary by program. Program specific information may be obtained through the Office of Admission, Graduate programs Web site,, the Student Services Center website,, or by contacting the specific graduate program.

Standard Graduate Tuition and Fees

Per Semester Hour: Most graduate programs have cohort pricing that differs from the regular tuition. Contact the Student Services Center at 253.535.7161 or specific program for more information on pricing.

    • Graduation Fee: $100
    • Thesis Binding: $100
Other Charges and Fees

For information on charges and fees, please go to Charges, Fees, and Fines section of this catalog.