Dr. Waldow with research students

Left to right: Dr. Dean Waldow, Aminda, Phyllicia, Hannah, Andrew, and Lance – May 2019

This site hosts information about my teaching and undergraduate research projects. My teaching typically is either in physical chemistry related upper division courses or general chemistry in the lower division. I teach a macromolecules related course every other year and instrumental analysis annually.

My last sabbatical was during 2012-2013. During this time, I worked the majority of time in the laboratory of Dr. David Ginger at the University of Washington. We have published a paper on some of that work. I also spent about three months at the Joint Institute of Neutron Science collaborating with Dr. Mark Dadmun of the University of Tennessee – Knoxville studying neutron scattering of polymer-based thermoelectrics and conducting polymers in solution.

At PLU, my research group  studies a variety of topics in the polymer field including polymer dynamics, thin polymer films, compatibilization of polymer blends, and more recently organic photovoltaics (OPV). We utilize a variety of techniques including atomic force microscopy, light scattering, solution and solids NMR, and small angle neutron scattering.  I am grateful to the various sponsors of these research projects and my undergraduate research students.

I typically mentor 2-4 students a year in a variety of research projects. Students can work on projects ranging from synthesis to physical chemistry of polymers using both experimental and computer simulation techniques. If you are a PLU student and interested in research, please stop by and I can describe my research. If you are interested in working on one of the projects, there are a number possibilities where that can happen. Students can work during the academic year or apply for a research stipend when available during the summer.

Dr. Waldow with students
Left to right: Lance, Jacob F., Dr. Dean Waldow, Katie, Greg, Jacob M., Andrew, Aminda, and Kyle - May 2018
Dean Waldow accepts Swanson Award
2019 Lynwood W. Swanson Scientific Research Award: Dr. Dean Waldow, Professor of Chemistry, Pacific Lutheran University “For exemplary research in polymer chemistry with applications to real-world challenges and as an inspiring mentor to scores of undergraduate students for over 25 years.”