Picture of a lake from a boat ramp
Photo courtesy of Google Images
Chelsea Escalante postcard

Hello Clover-Creek residents,

My name is Chelsea and I am a student at PLU writing to discuss the issues that go on in our own backyards. The water quality that lies in this creek is problematic not only for our use, but for the organisms that consider this lake to be their home. The temperature of the water is not it’s coldest and the bacteria found in the water isn’t safe either. Chemicals found in fertilizers contribute to pollute the water in a bad way. Once the toxins get released into the water, algae can grow which wouldn’t make our lake look appealing to the public. This affects us as well because that means we can’t swim in these waters or be able to see fish that live in the area. In order for this to change, we must switch to only use zero phosphorus fertilizer in our backyards. We will slowly start to notice the appearance and condition of the lake to look the way it’s supposed to stand at. Thank you for reading my postcard and know that we can all make an impact to restore the condition on our local watershed.