Clover Creek on lower campus by Pflueger Hall

These postcards were created by the Spring, 2021 ENVT 350 class, who use photographs and brief messages to share their experience and arguments about the health of the Clover Creek Watershed. Please click on each photo to read the postcards.

Allison Sheflo

Photo courtesy of Kam Coon – Sunrise on American Lake (within Clover Creek Watershed)

Bethany Taylor

Clover Creek

Caitlin Ferguson

Caitlin Ferguson

Cooper Claxton

Class wading in Clover Creek

Dannie Vashchenko

Pictured here is the Parkland Prairie in the sunshine of Spring 2021

Gabriella Spagnole

Clover Creek image

Grace Godwin


Helena Waterton

From the peaceful Clover Creek watershed

Jonny Maier

Julie Rendler

Julie Rendler in Clover Creek

Kaitlyn Stabell


Luis Reyes

Photo Credit Chesapeake Bay Program

Mary Lynn McLeod

Photo credits Dr. McKenney (posted on field pictures)

Ryan Shane

Students standing next to Clover Creek

Rosey Ireson

Camas, a plant native to Washington. Photo by Jenny A. Moore

Sarah Paquet

Picture of a pond

Shalom Wundimu

Students in Clover Creek

Sophia McDonald

Students on bridge at Clover Creek

Jack Mahr

Clover Creek bank

Brennan LaBrie

Students taking samples in Clover Creek

Chelsea Escalante

Picture of a lake from a boat ramp

Emma Mickelson

Students sitting at picnic table

Nathan Buegler

Clover Creek with students

Nicole VanGuilder

Picture of a huge creek

Aminda Cheney-Irgens

lake with lots of algea

Elana Tracy

photo of creek

Grayson Peet

ENVT Class 2022

Ayana Freeman

picture of backyard rain garden

Aaron Pantoja

ENVT group of students

Tanner Hendricks

Two students pretending to fish in Clover Creek a long time ago

Henry Kouba

People swimming in a lake

Kevin O’Brien


Dylan Ruggeri

Young people playing in Clover Creek at PLU a long time ago

Gretchen Johnson

Clover Creek on lower campus