Clover Creek bank
Photo by Jim Richardson
Jack Mahr postcard

You can make a difference in our watershed’s health and resiliency by planting perennial plants. Perennials, unlike annuals, are plants capable of strong, lasting root systems which are incredible for retaining groundwater, adapting to climate change, and sucking up Co2! As residents of the Clover Creek Watershed, you should know all of our water comes from the Watershed’s groundwater. The levels of the groundwater have been steadily declining due to increased urbanization and will be exacerbated by climate change. Part of creating a more resilient ecosystem is focusing on more than the environmental. I am asking for the Chambers Clover Creek Watershed council to form a committee to create a tax exemption of $500 for property owners of the Clover Creek Watershed who plant 5 perennial plants. The costs of creating a decentralized system which saves our groundwater and absorbs C02 will outweigh an ecosystem without a healthy watershed.