Young people playing in Clover Creek at PLU a long time ago
Image courtesy of the PLU Archives
Dylan Ruggeri postcard

Dear Dr. Ramos,

Environmental education is essential to the health of a watershed, as it promotes lifelong consciousness of human environmental impacts. As an elementary school student, I learned to be aware of my interactions with my watershed and how to promote clean water in my area through an early environmental studies program. As a reputable university program, PLU’s environmental studies department has the resources and responsibility to promote the health of the Chambers-Clover Creek Watershed. An impactful way to do this would be through establishing a program for Environmental Studies majors to educate Franklin-Pierce School District elementary school students and make them aware of their impacts on the watershed. While the development of this program will take some time and effort, it is essential for the health of the watershed and the education of elementary school and university students that we develop this program.


Dylan Ruggeri