Dear fellow Chambers-Clover Creek Watershed residents,
Some of you may not know that you are living in the middle of a watershed that once supported a diverse population of plant and animal life. This watershed used to provide a space where salmon could spawn their eggs during the summer months, and bring new life into the world. Now, however, the water levels in the creek are drastically reduced. Salmon are now struggling to find a place to lay their eggs and, as such, their population is dropping. I am not telling you this to guilt you into finding a home for the salmon. I am telling you this because I want you to be aware of the state of our watershed. I want you to consider how our actions may have impacted the lives of other creatures that also call this place home. I hope that if we are able to do that, then we may be able to bring back what the salmon have lost, and restore our environment.
Jonny Maier