Picture of a pond
Sarah Paquet postcard

Dear Environmental Advocates of Pierce County,

Here is a picture that I took that shows the most recent view of the watershed and what it looks like. I would like to express to you the important aspects of the Clover Creek Watershed, such as the geology that takes place and how that places a role in the habitats for the living organisms and wildlife to grow healthfully. In addition, I would like to inform you on the changing environment and how over the years the climate has changed in this area. There are numerous factors that have played a role in changing the Clover Creek watershed and the risk factors that affect the health of the watershed. It mostly comes down to geology, climate, water quality, and urbanization that can affect the future of this watershed. For example, geology can affect the health of the watershed because fine sediment is most likely not suitable for spawning habitats, since it produces less oxygen and blocks the flow of water and oxygen. It becomes important to understand that when looking to enhance the quality of life for fish habitats that take place within the watershed. Furthermore, bringing awareness on the health of the watershed it becomes essential to create free gatherings, such as zoom meetings for people from the community to become more educated on what will make the watershed healthier and things to avoid doing when visiting this ecosystem. Since we are unable to come in-person, there would need to be different ways of educating the public about the health of the Clover Creek Watershed and of its importance to Pierce county. I found some trash and litter near the creek, and I am concerned people are unaware of their actions, I would like to request more educational discussions on the health of the watershed that can be made available for anyone because this would help in the long-term health of this region.


Sarah Paquet