Photo Credit Chesapeake Bay Program
Photo Credit: Chesapeake Bay Program

To the residents near and around the Clover Creek watershed,

As an Eastern Washington native, I am not well versed with the dilemmas present in this area, specifically those across Pierce county. However, over time, these lands started to become my second home due to my studies at Pacific Lutheran University and that was when these injustices became bright as day. It was not until this year that I witnessed and experienced these ecological injustices first hand at Parkland Prairie. My courses, ENVT 350 included, had us walk to the prairie and undergo experiments based on various aspects of the environment. The overall gist of all of these trips was to record and observe the living organisms that call this watershed home. It is clear to see that trash and pollution flows seamlessly throughout the watershed and while that may be discouraging, the water itself is not of terrible quality. Given that it is not ideal on the levels of pH and phosphate, just to name a few, it still provides a well rounded shelter and water source for countless organisms. I write this letter in the hopes that we all become more conscious in our food choices, discarded trash locations, and open mindedness of those we share this earth with. During the Anthropocene, we must not overpower and diminish the lives of other living organisms simply because we deem ourselves as superior. Careful consideration of our lifestyles or even going down to the watershed and picking up a handful of trash does not only improve the life for these aquatic creatures, but for those in the surrounding areas as well.

Your help is greatly appreciated,

Luis Reyes