Students in Clover Creek
Photo courtesy of Dr. Rose McKenney

To Nearby Clover Creek Residents,

It is with great care and concern that I write to you and others interested in the health of the Clover Creek watershed. As an Environmental Studies major, I can confidently say that I found my vocation through the variety of courses that I have taken at Pacific Lutheran University. Captivated by nature’s indisputable beauty, a pivotal moment in my academic career was through the honorary privilege to extensively learn about the complex watershed that we unconsciously neglect. Although everyone does not have the opportunity to observe the watershed with the lens my peers and I did, this should not be a barrier to one’s awareness of what is in your backyard. Without a doubt, my first interaction with the watershed is one that has reminded me of the importance of considering the natural world as a privilege rather than a right. The message I would like to leave you with, is to consciously live in harmony with the watershed. Nature was once natural. Nature was once respected. Nature was once protected. As stewards of Earth, we must work to make these statements true once again.