Clover Creek image

Dear Pierce County Council,

It is expected that as time goes on, the population within the Clover Creek Watershed will continue to increase, bringing not only more urbanization but more impervious surfaces and trash. Already within the watershed, in particular Parkland Prairie, there is a trash problem, with trash lining the edges and being present within the stream bed. I believe that a system should be employed to reduce this problem, such as planned weekly cleanups alongside water sources in the watershed, so that more trash can be removed to reduce the pollution that comes from it. In addition, impervious surfaces allow for toxic pollutants to get into the watershed and our water sources through runoff so I believe that in the future, Pierce County should try to incorporate more pervious surfaces as urbanized development continues. Should less pervious surfaces and more trash become present in this watershed, there will be greater observed impacts on water quality that could be detrimental and we must act before it is too late.