Commuter Students make up a huge population of the PLU Community. Students get to and from PLU using a variety of different methods!

Driving & Parking on Campus

All PLU lots are private property and require a parking decal or pass issued by PLU to park in them. Students are permitted to park in varying campus lots based on the type of Parking Permit they are issued. Parking Passes can be purchased on the Campus Safety website using the PermitExpress Parking Portal

Parking permits cost $50.00 for the academic year. Please note that different parking passes are permitted for different parking lots; make sure to know which lots your parking permit will allow you to park in. Street parking, as well as parking along the fence next to the disc golf course does not require a parking permit.

Personal vehicles are prohibited from driving on inner campus without prior authorization from Campus Safety.

* Students may only park in the general parking section of parking lots

Commuter Decal Permitted:

  • Columbia Center Lot
  • Harstad Lot
  • Ivy Lot*
  • Library Lot
  • Morken Lot*
  • Nesvig Lot
  • Olson Lot*
  • Wheeler Lot

Public Transit

Many students use the Public Transit system to travel to and from campus. Pierce Transit provides 50 local bus routes, Shuttle (specialized transportation for people with disabilities), vanpool, ridematching and intercounty express service to Seattle, Sea-Tac Airport and Olympia provided in cooperation with Sound Transit and Intercity Transit. Pierce Transit’s fixed-route system includes routes that operate on more than 900 miles of city streets, county roads and state highways from Seattle through Tacoma and on to Olympia.

If you are planning on using public transportation a lot when you are at PLU, you should consider getting an ORCA card. The ORCA card is a pre-paid bus pass that makes traveling easier and cheaper. Visit for more information.

How to use Pierce County Transit Buses

  1. Plan your bus trip. The Transit app can be a helpful tool for this!
  2. Go to your bus stop and wait for the bus to arrive.
  3. Once your bus arrives, get on and tap your Orca Card at the reader.
  4. Find a spot on the bus to enjoy your ride.
  5. Pull the signal cord when your stop is coming up to request a stop at your destination.
  6. When the bus stops at your destination, exit the bus.

Local Public Transit

  • Pierce Transit – Local bus service
  • Sound Transit – regional bus, train, and light rail service)
  • Ferries – transportation from Steilacoom to Anderson/Ketron Island
Student Transit Benefit

The PLU Student Transit Benefit offers students the opportunity to purchase a $15 Pierce County ORCA Card from the Lute Locker. This card will allow students to travel by bus for unlimited rides anywhere within Pierce County between September-August.

This is a pilot program for the 2023-2024 school year funded by the DJS fee. There will be 250 cards available this year on a first come, first serve basis. Depending on the purchase and usage data collected, the program may continue into the next year and expand its reach.

Walking & Biking

Students who live close to campus often walk or bike to campus.

Students who bring bikes to campus can lock their bikes to one of the many bike racks located around campus, or are able to store their bike in the Harstad Bike Storage rooms located on the West side of the building (Lutecard swipe required)

Please note that when traveling in the community, to always be aware of your surroundings.  Walk with a friend, if you can, to ensure that you get to your destination safely.

Safety Officers are available to provide safety escorts around to on campus locations 24 hours a day, all year round.